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A man and a camera

Director                  Guido Hendrikx


“The best way to see this film is not knowing anything about it beforehand. See it before it sees you!‍”


An enigmatic entity roams the Dutch hinterlands, silently pointing a camera at all that it encounters. Soon it finds itself standing in front of a doorway. Met with an uninvited, inscrutable camera operator, how will the region’s inhabitants respond?

Guido Hendrikx is a film director and screenwriter, based in Amsterdam. He studied Liberal Arts & Sciences (Utrecht University), Directing Documentary & Screenwriting (Netherlands Film Academy), and Practical Ethics (Utrecht University). His credits include the award-winning films Escort (2013), Among Us (2014) and Stranger in Paradise (2016).


”This year’s black sheep in the CPH:DOX programme and a brilliant satire on documentary filmmaking itself.”

“A man and a camera is a genius cinematographic object, questioning our social norms and documentary making codes. This experiment is so simple and minimalist yet so dense and thought-provoking.”


Reviews: Screen Daily, Cine Europa, Volkskrant (NL), Filmkrant (NL)

Release                  2021

Duration               64 minutes

Producers            [boondocs] & Aventura

Editors                   Rens Christiaansen & Lot Rossmark

Sound                     Tijn Hazen

Grading                 Peter Bernaers

Sales                       Square Eyes

PR world               NOISE

PR nl                       The Publicity Company

Distributor nl     Cinema Delicatessen

Supported by the Netherlands Filmfund