NAYA – Der Wald hat tausend Augen

“Man may be on the top of the food chain, but predators remain predators and prey stay prey”

Director                   Sebastian Mulder


The short documentary NAYA – Der Wald hat tausend Augen follows the life of Naya, a wolf that walked from East Germany to Belgium tagged with a GPS collar. The first wolf in Belgium in a hundred years, she suddenly makes headlines – but then her presence takes a mysterious turn. This voyeuristic visual collage of wildlife and surveillance camera imagery captivatingly explores the relationship between humans and this iconic wild animal.

Sebastian Mulder (1994) has always been fascinated with the changing relationships between humans and nature and has a love for experimental en poetic documentaries. Raising questions about the future of our world is what Sebastian wants to achieve with his films. His previous film Nature: All Rights Reserved (2017) screened at various filmfestivals as Palm Springs, Interfilm and the Netherlands Film Festival.

Naya is a coproduction with the Evangelische Omroep (EO), The Netherlands Film Fund and the CoBO Fund.

“Deals with the elusive cushiness of the civilisation that we’ve built in the West and how we’ve forgotten that real nature still exists around us”

Review: Cineuropa / Talking Shorts

Release                 2021

[boondocs], Jasper Boon

Line producer
Bente Mars

Nina Graafland

Jacob Oostra

Titles & VFX
Amos Mulder

Eren Önsoy

Square Eyes