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Director                   Sebastian Mulder

In this 25 minute documentary director Sebastiaan Mulder follows the tracks of the wolf Naya, by the huge amount of data that is collected: camera-recordings, gps-coordinates, samples, news items and so on. With his voyeuristic approach the question arises what real nature, and a ‘wild’ wolf is.

Sebastian Mulder (1994) has always been fascinated with the changing relationships between humans and nature and has a love for experimental en poetic documentaries. Raising questions about the future of our world is what Sebastian wants to achieve with his films. His previous film Nature: All Rights Reserved (2017) screened at various filmfestivals as Palm Springs, Interfilm and the Netherlands Film Festival.

Naya is a coproduction with the Evangelische Omroep (EO), The Netherlands Film Fund and the CoBO Fund.

Release          2020

Producer      Boondocs, Jasper Boon

Research      Bente Mars