Until The Wheels Come Off

Director:          Claudio de Oliveira Marques

Until The Wheels Come Off      Filmfestival

What started as a group of friends grew out to be a professional dance collective. For the members of OneFiveFive it’s a dream that came true. Fifteen years later, all the guys are in their thirties and the sustainability of their dream is being tested more and more often. The guys make a road trip on their motorcycles to escape the hectic pace of the art scene and get their thoughts straight. Will their dream make place for a more ordinary lifestyle, or will they continue until the wheels fall off?

Claudio de Oliveira Marques (1989) has a genuine interest in the people and the world around him and makes films that originate from that empathy and curiosity.

Motors was supported by the Netherlands Film Fund.

Release            2020
Producer        Boondocs, Jasper Boon
Sound              Freek Vrijhof
Editing             Nikki Gorissen