A man and a camera

juli 20, 2020

Director                Guido Hendrikx Release                 2021 (theatrical) Duration               64 minutes “The best way to see this film is not knowing anything about it beforehand. See it before it...

NAYA – Der Wald hat tausend Augen

juni 26, 2019

“Man may be on the top of the food chain, but predators remain predators and prey stay prey” Director                   Sebastian Mulder              The short documentary NAYA – Der Wald hat tausend Augen follows the life...

You Can’t Sleep Here

juli 18, 2023

Director: Jelmer Wristers Night is falling in Amsterdam. Hundreds of people are looking outside for a safe place to spend the night. But how and where they sleep usually remains unseen. In the dreamy documentary You Can’t Sleep Here we spend the night together with them through the night.


september 15, 2018

Director                          Sarah Blok Fashion Designer       Lisa Konno Sales                                 Kapitein Kort   In this surrealistic, 15 minute documentary / fashion...

When You Hear The Divine Call

oktober 6, 2020

Director:         Festus Toll   Michael Nyawade was 22 years old when he left Kenya and his family in 1990 to look for greener pastures in Europe. Although he always kept the thought of his motherland alive. After 30 years he decided to return to Kenya...

Until The Wheels Come Off

Director:          Claudio de Oliveira Marques        What started as a group of friends grew out to be a professional dance collective. For the members of OneFiveFive it’s a dream that came true. Fifteen years later, all the guys are in their thirties and...

Release Party

oktober 8, 2018

Om de lancering van met gestrekt been te bezegelen vind op 30 november de releaseparty plaats in bar/club Roxanne. Het eigenwijze duo Twan en Roelien (bekend van SkateCafe, De School, Lowlands, Redlight Radio, Claire) draaien uitdagende, wereldse en phunky platen die je doen bewegen op manieren waarvan je...